New Benefit Addresses Growing Interest in Acupuncture

We're contracting with acupuncturists to provide unlimited coverage

October 29, 2019  

Acupuncture is growing more popular all the time as an alternative treatment for pain. Tufts Health Plan is responding to this interest by contracting with acupuncturists to provide unlimited coverage at the same cost-share as a PCP or specialist visit, effective January 1, 2020. There is no prior authorization or referral required.

The acupuncture benefit is standard for all fully-insured groups. It is in addition to the existing acupuncture discount.

“For millions of people who live with pain, acupuncture is no longer an exotic curiosity. It's now widely accepted among the medical community. And it's pretty popular with patients as well. A recent survey found almost 3.5 million Americans said they'd had acupuncture in the previous year…

In 1996, the FDA gave acupuncture its first U.S. seal of approval, when it classified acupuncture needles as medical devices. In the 20 years since, study after study indicates that, yes, acupuncture can work.”1

For more information on acupuncture and our other 2020 Annual Benefit Changes + Updates, view this sales flyer

  1. ”Why Does Acupuncture Work?” WebMD, LLC, 2016



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