Colors and Fonts

A visual representation of the mood behind our brand

Color palette

Color is an important part of advertising. It is one of the first elements of the Tufts Health Plan branding that customers will see and can help advertising break through the clutter in print publications and online.

  • All colors can either be used as solid colors or screens; however, blends and gradients are   not acceptable.
  • Process colors should be specified only when spot color printing is not available.
  • Hex and RGB formulas are for screen applications (PowerPoint, WEB, email, etc.).
  • Refer to the Do’s + Don’ts section for how colors are used on various brand assets.

PLEASE NOTE: Color swatches will vary depending on how your device displays the colors. Always refer to Pantone and CMYK Books for accurate color chips. Use specific color formulas with appropriate usage in both digital and print.

Primary color palette

Tufts Blue Pantone 3015C

C: 92 M: 59 Y: 9 K: 1
R: 3 G: 103 B: 165
Hex: #0367a5 

Tufts Light Gray Pantone Cool GrayII C

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 70
R: 109 G: 110 B: 113
Hex: #6d6e71  

Tufts Black Pantone Black C

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100
R: 0 G: 0 B: 0
Hex: #000000 

Secondary color palette

Pantone 7463C

C: 98 M: 77 Y: 46 K: 44
R: 8 G: 48 B: 73
Hex: #083049

Pantone 7640C

C: 29 M: 84 Y: 50 K: 10
R: 167 G: 70 B: 93
Hex: #a7465d   

Tertiary color palette

Pantone 7495C

C: 51 M: 20 Y: 100 K: 2
R: 138 G: 164 B: 58
Hex: #8aa43a

Pantone 7458C

C: 55 M: 11 Y:11 K: 0
R: 109 G: 185 B: 211
Hex: #6db9d3 

Pantone 7409C

C: 9 M: 34 Y: 100 K: 0
R: 138 G: 171 B: 20
Hex: #e9ab14


A two-tiered hierarchy has been developed for the Tufts Health Plan fonts.

Gotham font

There is one font family that is used for marketing collateral for Tufts Health Plan, Gotham.

  • Gotham, a sans serif font, is available in multiple weights.
  • Gotham is available by purchased license only. The marketing departments in each division have licenses to create member collateral and other outward facing marketing materials. There are different weights within the font family that should be used at different times.
  • Italics can be used sparingly at the designer’s discretion to draw attention to key information.

Refer to the Do’s + Don’ts section for how fonts are used on various brand assets. If you are a designer and need the Gotham font to implement in your work, please contact your Tufts Health Plan marketing point-of-contact.

Gotham Fonts

Verdana font

Verdana is the recommended system font for web and screen applications, as well as all templates, internal communications, email, and PowerPoint (see Do’s + Don’ts). System fonts should be used in the spirit of the brand fonts.

NOTE: System fonts SHOULD NOT replace brand postscript fonts in any offset printed or external communications including: letterhead, business cards, invitations, brochures, advertisements, notecards, banners, etc.

Verdana Fonts