Our Brand in Print

Existing printed marketing collateral

Our printed materials should reflect the same look and feel that is represented in our digital work and vice versa. Printed pieces tend to have more copy and require a good amount of white space and clear headers for topic distinction. Below are some guidelines to follow when producing print collateral for Tufts Health Plan. Please see the Do’s and Don’ts below for helpful hints when laying out various marketing materials for our brand, and also a few examples of various print marketing pieces to give you a general idea of how we treat colors, fonts, images, and layout styles in design.

General style guidelines

Please adhere to the following Do’s and Don’t below as a guide when designing print marketing collateral for the Tufts Health Plan brand.


  • Use brand font: Gotham, in various strengths
  • Always include logo I.D.
  • Make sure images have bleeds
  • Include a good amount of white space around edges of layout; 1/2 inch min.
  • Always use brand colors and associated Pantone conversions


  • Use any images under 300 dpi resolution
  • Use brand colors that are not high contrast
  • Put too much text in a small space
  • Use a font size lower than 7pt for disclaimers
  • Use a font size lower than 10pt for body copy
  • Hesitate to contact the marketing department for questions!

Postcard example

Postcard Example