Our Brand In Digital

Existing digital marketing collateral

From our website, to landing pages, banner ads, social media, and powerpoint, our brand is represented in a cohesive fashion. It is important that designers and marketers know what assets are available to them in order to maintain our consistent brand experience in all digital media channels. For social media guidelines, please download here along with related templates. Review the Do’s and Don’ts of the brand assets below to understand what is acceptable and what is not when producing media assets to be displayed in market.

Landing pages

When running a campaign, there are several options for showcasing your message in a landing page format that follws user experience best practices. See the following options.


  • Primary message and form above the fold
  • CTA above the fold
  • Form follows the user down the page
  • Include sharing functionality
  • Utilize various brand colors
  • Incorporates brand imagery


  • Use multiple CTA’s
  • Have a CTA below the fold
  • Have unclear messaging
  • Use off-brand visuals
  • Make the user work to find benefits and CTA
  • Create a new landing page template

Landing page with form

Landing page with form

Landing page with no form

Landing Page with No Form

Countdown landing page

Countdown Landing Page

Video campaign landing page

Video Campaign Landing Page

Display ads

When producting display ads, there is room for creative exploration so that ads can pop amongst the clutter of the web, but there are brand guidelines to follow and things that producers should not do.


  • Use brand colors, imagery and fonts
  • Have a prominent and clear message
  • Animation should be succint and smooth
  • Be sure text is accessible
  • Follow output source size and loop guides


  • Use multiple CTA’s
  • Use colors that are not in the brand palette
  • Have too much messaging
  • Over animate a simple message and visuals
  • Use colors together that are not accessible

display ads

Article PDF

There is an existing template to use when laying out a thought leadership piece, and it follows the below guidelines in order to remain cohesive with our brand overall.


  • Large image feature and headline on cover
  • Primary colors are navy, raspberry and blue
  • Images are on-brand and support content
  • Successful use of white space throughout
  • Includes brand I.D. on every page
  • Utilizes brand font Gotham throughout


  • Recreate a new template for an article
  • Stray from top tier brand colors
  • Extend margins to squeeze in more copy
  • Remove the logo, numbers or title from base
  • Display pull quotes in a new way
  • Use imagery that is staged or irrelevant

Article PDF

Illustrative brand videos

Tufts Health Plan videos are created for a particular purpose, and the design styles need to support the brand message and overal goal. Below are examples the most recent illustrative videos in market.


  • Use design styles that support the message
  • Use brand colors
  • On screen text is brand font Gotham, unless campaign direction approves another font
  • Infographics/illustrations are crisp and clean
  • Animation styles are smart and smooth


  • Stray from the brand color palette
  • Overcomplicate the message and visuals
  • Over animate the scenes and transitions, or have sloppy animation styles
  • Use non-vector art
  • Music tracks that are misaligned to the video

Illustrative Brand Videos

Illustrative Brand Videos 2

Live production brand videos + photography

Professionally photographed and produced videos for the Tufts Health Plan brand are genuine, honest, and real, focused on relationships and uplifting moments. They incorporate real people, not actors. Each curated asset has a given direction and purpose. Below are some examples of videos and photography most recently produced for the Tufts Health Plan brand.


Video from our What We Do campaign featuring Marilena, a Tufts Health Plan care manager


Video from our What We Do campaign featuring James and his mother, Tufts Health Plan members

Steve Camper


Steve Camper, Government Programs Compliance Officer at Tufts Health Plan, from a photoshoot for the careers section of our website 

Suzanna Byzantine


Suzanna Byzantine, Program Implementation Specialist at Tufts Health Plan, from a photoshoot for the careers section of our website