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The New England office of the American Diabetes Association includes upcoming events, program info, and volunteer opportunities.

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Diabetes Care

What We're Doing to Help

What is it like to be diabetic, knowing that every day you have to prick your finger to monitor your blood sugar levels and either wear an insulin pump or give yourself injections?

At Tufts Health Plan, more than 50 of our staff members have firsthand experience about living with diabetes. 

Comprehensive Training

Care managers, health coaches, social workers, and pharmacists from across our organization completed a one day comprehensive and interactive training session offered by the Johnson + Johnson Diabetes Institute.
During empathy-building exercises, participants used lancets to draw their own blood and measure glucose levels, wore insulin monitors for an entire day, and learned how to administer insulin injections with a dry syringe. They collaborated within multi-disciplinary teams to discuss challenges that members with diabetes face and learned strategies to address them. Participants also learned how to work with dietary differences and norms when caring for diverse members of various cultural backgrounds.
”With the increasing prevalence of diabetes and its potential for devastating complications, Tufts Health Plan is committed to supporting members in their treatment for this disease,” said Claire Levesque, MD, Tufts Health Plan chief medical officer for commercial products. “Having a better understanding of the treatment challenges gives us the opportunity to better support our members.

We support many other conditions and illnesses as well. To find out how our Care Managers can help you with your health care journey, call 888.766.9618, ext. 53532.

Care Management Programs

Tufts Health Plan offers award winning care management programs for its members, including those suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes.

Our Care Management team consists of registered nurses who have an average of more than 20 years of clinical nursing experience. Care Managers help our members address their needs quickly, efficiently, and effectively—and also coordinate with their primary care physicians and specialists.

Learm how we are providing compassionate support each step of the way.

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